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Comprehensive Job Search Experience

Since 2008, The Placement Exchange has focused on providing a high-quality, comprehensive job search experience which prepares candidates for every aspect of the search process. This effort is led by a team of professionals who are experts in our field and represent the numerous functional areas in Higher Education and Student Affairs. Through our commitment to excellence, strong customer service, professional development, and education, we devote our energy to building a positive, synergistic, innovative, and educational career placement experience for all TPE stakeholders.

ACUHO-I and NASPA team up to sponsor The Placement Exchange.  TPE has 3 main components: (1) year-round online and virtual career resources (TPE 365), (2) an online job board hosting over 2,000 jobs each year, and (3) the annual TPE flagship placement events. 

Job Searching? Browse our site for many virtual roundtables, blog posts, and articles for your career needs!

Our annual TPE Spring Event will be entirely virtual in 2021! 

Join TPE for our annual Spring event!  March 1 - March 5, 2021. Candidate Registration is only $25 


TPE Spring Virtual Event: The premier job placement event in Student Affairs.

TPE Spring Onsite provides an efficient and affordable option for hundreds of employers to find great candidates, and for candidates to interview for open positions at hundreds of campuses nationwide.  Virtual TPE candidates will have access to great resources including preparation webinars, career coaches, interview assistance, resume review, and more.  The TPE Spring Virtual Event has the benefit of numbers (candidates, employers, job posts, interviews), but the quality of personalized resources and amenities during a crucial time in the search process.  A completely virtual TPE will allow for greater flexibility for employers, as well as fewer financial limitations (travel, hotel, time away from work, etc.) for both candidates and interview teams.  

"TPE was such a motivating experience, the professionals hiring really were genuine and wanted to make the experience, although virtual, as special and as close to normal as possible! I couldn't have asked for a better experience!"    ~ Emily M (2020 TPE Virtual Candidate)

"Despite the conference taking on a different format because of the pandemic, TPE still opened doors to employment opportunities and professional development.  I was able to connect with many wonderful universities as well as network with those in the field.  I was also able to learn tips and tricks about the job search process through my participation in TPE Academy.  Although my personal timeline was longer than anticipated, TPE still connected me with my current employer, who I passionately enjoy working for."  ~ Jaime K (2020 TPE Virtual Candidate)

"The TPE experience is one truly pushes you to put your best foot forward as a candidate. TPE is also great experience for you to interview different schools and get feel for the different institutional types out there."  ~ Philip M. (2020 TPE Virtual Candidate)

Whether you’re looking for a new position for yourself, or just want to see what else is out there, we encourage you to start your search on our year-round TPE Online Job Board and register and participate in the TPE Spring Virtual Event.

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