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  • Find the ONE by Focusing on the Intangibles

    There is no problem in having a list of non-negotiables, but make sure your list is backed with direct reasoning. I would argue that a list of intangible non-negotiables are more important than a list including location and job description.

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  • Job Searching to Thrive

    As professionals in a field that focuses all of our energy on students, it can be far too easy to forget about ourselves. It is crucial in this field to find spaces that re-energize you, that embrace your existence, and acknowledge the struggle.

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  • Campus Interviews 101

    Congratulations! You made it through TPE Onsite! We knew you could do it!  Now it’s time to prepare for the on-campus interview experience. This is going to be a bit different than your first interviews. Discover more about what to expect on campus and how to best prepare. Learn what questions to ask employers, proper decorum, self-care, and how to know if the job and campus are the right fit.

  • Should I say yes? Should I say no? How do I know if I’m making the right decision? Retirement plans, annual leave, health and life insurance…whew! All of these new benefits can be a little overwhelming. Need advice on how to navigate this process? The Placement Exchange has the webinar for you. Learn the basics on accepting offers, declining offers, and benefits.

  • Now that time is getting closer to starting your new position (if you haven’t started already) and you should be prepared for the new experience. As the saying goes, “you aren’t in Kansas anymore.” Prepare and gather tips on how to survive the first 90 days on the job. Gain insight on how to navigate campus politics as new professional and the common do’s and don’ts.

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