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As the preeminent career resource for student affairs and higher education professionals, our vision is to provide an unrivaled service that inspires our profession to transform the way we recruit, hire, retain, and advance the workforce in our field.

We aim to drive equitable and inclusive, people-centered, human resource practices that deliver intentional and innovative platforms for connection, learning, and placement that respond to the demands of our field and support the full career life cycle of student affairs practitioners and employers in order to cultivate and sustain a diverse, fulfilled, healthy and vibrant workforce.

TPE is committed to enhancing the career readiness of current professionals as well as incoming and future colleagues through providing experiences that scaffold the learning, growth, and development at all levels. The TPE 2024 committee is a full-year commitment that extends through April 2024. This gives the committee an opportunity to contribute to the year-round connection and learning opportunities offered by TPE in addition to the placement opportunity offered in the spring.

Join us for an information session May 18, 25, or June 1 at 12m ET to learn more.
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Join the TPE '24 Committee Today


We invite candidates to apply for the 2024 TPE Planning Committee. 
The following opportunities are available:

  • Chair-Select (Chair for TPE 2025)
  • Planning Committee Member

To be eligible for the committee, the following minumum qualifications must be met.

  • Current student affairs and higher education practitioner
  • At least 1 year of full-time professional experience in student affairs or higher education

To be eligible for the Chair-Select role, the following minimum qualifications must be met in addition to the ones above.

  • 5 years of full-time professional experience
  • 2 years of full-time professional recruiting, interviewing, and onboarding experience
  • 1 year of service on a previous TPE Planning Committee
  • Commit 2 years of service to the TPE Planning Committee

For detailed information regarding expectations and roles, please refer to the 2024 TPE Planning Committee Overview Guide.

TPE Planning Committee Focus

Under this year’s chair the TPE ‘24 Committee will focus its efforts on equity, inclusion, justice, accessibility, and belonging in recruiting, retaining, and advancing practitioners in the field.

TPE Planning Committee Composition

The TPE Planning Committee is composed of practitioners and graduate students in student affairs and higher education, or related fields. The planning committee is led by the chair, chair-select, and TPE Director. Below are subcommittee opportunities. 

  • Chair-Select (TPE 2025 Chair) 
  • Candidate Development: (3 members) 
    • Entering Professional support
    • Advancing Professional support
  • Employer Development: (3 members) 
  • Social Media and Communications: (3 members) 
  • Ambassadors: (3 members) 
    • The individuals in this role will work closely with NASPA’s GAP initiative. 

Members of the committee serve a one-year term with the exception of the active chair and chair-select. Current members can serve another term by participating in the application process. Reappointment is not guaranteed.

TPE Committee Application Timeline

  • MAY 8 - JUNE 9: Application Open
  • JUNE 12-14: Application Review
  • JUNE 16: Chair-Select 
  • JUNE 19: Committee Selection  
  • JUNE 23: Deadline to Accept 
  • JULY 10 (week): Initial Committee Intro & 1:1s with Chairs
  • AUGUST: Weekly Committee Meetings Start
  • SEPTEMBER: First Event

Learn More

Join us for an information session May 18, 25, or June 1 at 12m ET.

  • Meeting ID: 819 174 9317
  • Password: 508961